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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Normal service being resumed

I got home to my boat on Sunday evening and it was looking better than I had ever seen it! Graham and Jan had cleaned it both inside and out, bought flowers, candles and matching bathroom accessories and of course had left it full of water and diesel and empty of poo! I had presents also waiting for me from two other sets of moorers – including whisky – oh they know me so well! Thank you everybody.

I was exhausted when I got back and so wasn’t surprised that I found even getting into the boat very difficult. My body had forgotten what it was like to have a gently moving floor underfoot and so I staggered like a drunken sailor for the first 24 hours – even though nothing was passing the boat as we are locked in. Roger and Shirleyann had to leave the next morning to get back to Devon and I found it really hard to let them go and even shed a few tears.

On Tuesday a lovely gentleman called Stan picked me up and drove me to Derby Hospital. After a bit of a wait, I was ushered through to the plaster room. I had expected to see the consultant who operated on me, but no, I only saw a physio. But that didn’t matter as they finally removed my bright green cast and revealed a dull green and blue leg! But it was straight and looking much improved. I managed to stand on it but not to take a step properly so I have to have some walking lessons!

Oh the joy of being free of the cast! I can itch and scratch (my skin immediately fell off in blizzards once the cast was removed – a bit embarrassing as I was having lunch in a pub with Stan at the time!) I have had my first shower without having to bag up my leg first and sleeping is so much more comfortable. This morning I managed to wear my new jeans for the first time and both shoes!

Some things are still impossible for me at present – like crossing the lock, so no returning to my own mooring just yet, but I really feel that normal life is being resumed – at last!


Lisa said...

Dear Mandy,
We passed by you this summer, summer such as it was, and we both remembered your boat's name, we did pretty much the same route as you.
On the way up we passed through Fradley and being aquatinted with Jan and Graham (We share the same boat builder) had a drink with them at the pub there. They are jolly good eggs aren't they?
I was very pleased when I stumbled across your blog and we both wish you well.
Keep up the blogging and please pass on our best to Jan and Graham.
Lisa & David
NB What a Lark

Mandy Wright said...

How lovely to hear from you Lisa. It was a great cruise wasn't it? (Despite the weather).
I showed Jan your comment and she says hi.