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Friday, 22 August 2014

Out at last

No, I haven’t discovered a new sexuality, I’m out on the boat! A whole four days to mooch about Handsacre and indulge Bonny after her operation.

She had two teeth removed under general anaesthetic on Tuesday and came back all dazed and drugged up. I carried her to her bed and popped outside to fetch something off the mooring. Being Bon, she hauled herself up the steps after me, somehow managed to jump out of the boat and then staggered up the mooring – mostly sideways – all because she hadn’t had her walk!

She was so much improved the next day, that I cast off our ropes and toddled up to Kings Bromley to do the usual pumping out and dieseling up. Then, instead of retracing our steps, we carried on to Handsacre where there is one of our favourite walks. We could have gone further, but with us both needing some recuperation time (I have had a stinky cold), I decided just to enjoy having a different view and still having time to rest.

I had forgotten again just how perfectly cruising suits both Bonny and me. We adore exploring new walks, having time to watch squirrels and to shelter from the rain when necessary. We don’t need to be near pubs or people. We don’t need any more entertainment than the hedgerows afford us and it has been such a joy having her all to myself after a long and busy working summer.

I was cleaning the outside of the boat a couple of hours ago when we were passed by a lovely shiny boat called ‘What a Lark’. The lady on board said she was a reader of my blog and really enjoyed it. What a lovely comment. So I thought I better blog immediately! Ahoy there to What a Lark.

I have also finally given in and joined the Facebook generation – it is amazing who has popped up so far. So many people from my various past lives!

To conclude, here are some pics of our mini trip:

bon recovering

Bonny recovering

handsacre heaven

Handsacre mooring

improved bon

Bon much improved – in health and behaviour!

handsacre path

Our favourite circular walk

Thursday, 7 August 2014

work work work

Since this is chiefly a boating, cruising type blog, I have an excuse for such a long gap between posts... I haven't been anywhere! Instead I have been working endlessly and have nothing very much to write about. However I didn't want people to think I have drowned so thought I better check in.

One new thing I have done in the last 24 hours is to join Facebook. Its amazing and I am bewildered by it.

Another new thing is that I have finally had my shaggy dog clipped. Before...

...and after!

The wedding season is in full swing, hence all the working, but I have two weeks holiday booked in September. Obviously my first choice would be to take the boat out, but my friend Stan has been a total star, looking after Bon while I've been working, so we are going on holiday on land instead. We are visiting the Rochdale canal, before going to Devon to stay in my friends Roger and Shirleyanns home while they take my boat out cruising!

Hopefully I will be able to write about taking my boat out sometime before the end of the year!

PS. Do visit me on my Facebook page. I haven't got the lingo yet but I think you need to 'like' me or something like that!