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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Whether the weather...

Well, the storm passed us by. In fact I have heard more wind coming out of my dog than I heard that night! We were very lucky though as many other parts of the country suffered badly. Lynda, I note what you said about your part of the country - very sad. I felt a little silly though after putting an extra mooring rope on and hiding my planters, but you know what they say, better safe...

The next item on my things to worry about list is the winter. Radio 4 keep banging on about how incredibly cold it is going to be and others have pointed to the profusion of berries on all the trees and bushes around here as a sure sign of a harsh winter (could be an old wife's tale - not sure). Then someone on the TV said that this winter will make 2010 seem like spring! Here is a reminder of that winter...

Ah well, at least I've got my home owning friend Stan to help out this year. he has already provided me with free wood and has offered his tap if the water should freeze and his bath if I can't waste water on showers. He is a good friend. And if it's a harsh winter, it makes spring that much sweeter!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

storm warning

Well, here I am at 2.45pm on the day the 'big storm' is due to arrive. The forecast for the Midlands is currently for heavy rain and up to 80mph winds. I have used an extra rope to tie up the boat, moved my planters out of harms way and have dropped my solar panel flat onto my roof. There isn't much else I can do.

I am a little anxious as I experience the sharp end of the last big one in 1987 (and the slighter lighter one of 1989) as I was a police officer on duty during both. In 1987 I was stationed in the New Forest and got trapped when a tree fell in front of my panda car and as I braked sharply, another large oak fell behind me, trapping my car with nowhere to go. Trees were coming down all around and I have to admit to being fairly terrified. Being that it was during the night made it worse as we could hear the creaks, groans and crashes but couldn't see where the trees were falling until they were almost on top of us!

Fortunately I was rescued by an army unit with a chainsaw. Others were not so lucky and several people were killed in the Southampton area that night.

There are a couple of large Silver Birch trees alongside my boat but I am hoping they will remain upright. At present it is sunny with a stiff breeze - a lovely day really. Let's hope tomorrow will see us all floating serenely on the mooring! I'll let you know - if I'm spared!! Good luck to all my readers.

Sunday, 6 October 2013


Well done Nev and Roger and Marion, yes, I was in Wales - in Snowdonia to be precise. And no, I didn't take the boat. I had a couple of weeks off so for the first week Bon and I went with my mate Stan to a spectacularly beautiful place called Capel Curig and stayed in the very reasonably priced and comfortable Cobdens Hotel.

Opposite the hotel was a fast flowing river with a little footbridge. Beyond that was a forest with tracks leading in all directions so Bonny and I were spoilt for choice for our morning walks. After walk and breakfast the three of us went out each day. We spent the first full day on Anglesea - beautiful! On other days we took a ride round Llanberis Lake on a steam train. This is Bonny enjoying it...

We also visited Harlech, Porthmagog and of course Snowdon. We had great weather considering it is October and only got seriously rained on once - on our final day.

I returned home on Friday and rushed around doing shopping, laundry etc. so that Bon and I could go out on a mini cruise for the second week of our holiday. We left this morning in glorious sunshine which lasted all day. We are heading to Great Haywood where I am due to meet up with a couple of friends in the pub. Someone's got to do it!