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Monday, 19 November 2012

Living on Visitors Moorings

I have been back on board for a week now and things are getting easier all the time. I can get on and off the boat with relative ease now – as long as there is no ice. It is just as well I am moored on visitors though because there is no way I can cross the lock at present and it is easier to take Bonny out, being moored near the entrance to the park. I got right round the lake for the first time yesterday with her. I am almost crutch free inside the boat; the only time I need support is first thing in the morning as my leg wakes up very stiff and sore. In fact it aches more now than it ever did in the cast, but that is because I’m really starting to use it now.

I still use both crutches outside the boat as I can only walk a short distance before the ache becomes a real pain. I also need them for balance as it can be slippery with lots of leaves underfoot. I can’t drive yet and am having to fork out for a taxi today to go to the dentist in Burton as I am still living with my broken tooth. However, I got in my car for the first time yesterday and I think that it won’t be long before I can do a quick, local drive. The main thing is that I need to be able to slam on the brakes if necessary and I’m not quite strong enough to do that yet.

People continue to be supportive and lovely. Bonny has had regular walks courtesy of my neighbours – in particular Jan who takes her with her boyfriend Bernie every morning…Bernie FinchIsn’t he a handsome boy? Chris and Stelle from Belle have taken Bonny on really good, long walks on several afternoons which is so good for her as well.

My temporary neighbours on the visitors moorings have also been offering help, and all in all I feel very safe and secure at present. Graham and Jan took me shopping for food last weekend and also filled me up with water again (or rather the boat!). My newest friend Stan took Jan and I to a Christmas fair just up the road which was fun, although it was packed and difficult to operate in crowds on crutches. He is the same one who took me to the hospital and is proving to be a good friend. I am helping him in return by teaching him how to use the internet.

I am really hoping that if I can keep up the rate of progress, I’ll be able to return at last to my mooring next weekend. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! If not, then the stoppages will end and boats will start to want to moor here again. That will make me feel bad for hogging a space for so long – even though I do have both permission and a really good excuse!

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