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Monday, 5 November 2012

A week to go

I will be returning to 'Don't Panic' next Sunday and I can't wait! I have been very comfortable here in Devon and so well looked after but, as Dorothy said "There's no place like home!" Anxieties over how I'm going to cope with the boat have faded as my leg has got stronger and as my friends continue to be so supportive. Graham and Jan spent all morning on my boat yesterday cleaning and getting it ready for my return!

I had hoped to be able to post good news about the missing coal. People spread the word very quickly and I had harboured the hope that whoever stole it would have a fit of conscience and would return it to the mooring, but no such luck. I suppose I'm being a bit optimistic that a person who would steal coal from a boater as winter is coming on would possess a conscience! I have tried to forget about it but I can't help but wonder who did it and would they return to steal other things? I guess that's another reason I want to get back - to keep an eye on things. I reported it to CaRT and they have agreed to change the gate lock and give us unique keys for it - issued to moorers only. Still, Jan has told me that some trees have been cut down on the mooring by CaRT and all the moorers have shared out the wood - with CaRT's blessing. Jan and Julie saved some for me - bless them. At least I'll have something left to burn!

A week tomorrow I shall return to Derby Hospital - this time by car - to get my cast removed and have the consultant examine my leg. I'm hoping it has mended straight and that I will be able to walk reasonably well without the support of a cast, but we will see.

Meanwhile, yet another friend, this time from Barton Marina, has organised someone to come and do my boat safety certificate next weekend. Hopefully 'Don't Panic' will pass with flying colours and I won't have to worry about that for another four years. The stoppages start today so that the boats at Fradley are effectively 'locked in' with stoppages either side of the mooring until, I think, 23rd November.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope the chairs and the storage box the other kind moorer on hunts lock gave her don't go missing!

Mandy Wright said...

Too true! They have been really useful - Thank you.

Anonymous said...

May be you should thank them again and get off they backs they are nice people who do not deserve the bad press they have recevied on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Some one else agrees they have some good frends down there they are really nice people I agree they don't need it!

Anonymous said...

That's 3 people who agree with the last comments well done for making your fellings know!