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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Frustration setting in

I was hoping to return to my mooring this weekend but it is not yet possible. I can’t even walk from the visitors mooring to my mooring yet. I went shopping with Graham and Jan today and we went to three shops. I had to leave them and go back to the car at the second shop as I was in such discomfort.

The bones of my leg feel fine, it’s the amount of swelling around my leg and ankle that makes it impossible to walk very far. When it gets bad – like this morning, it feels as though my leg will burst out through my skin like an overripe fruit! I am still on two crutches where I was sure I’d only be on one by now.

The worst thing is the lack of knowledge I have about how it should be by now and what I can do to help the healing. It’s nearly two weeks since Derby Hospital said the physios would be in touch to make an appointment for me but not a whisper from them yet, so I don’t know what exercises I should be doing. I am also unsure whether the amount of swelling I have is normal or not so I have made an appointment to see my GP on Tuesday and will hopefully get some answers. Mind you, I’m not holding my breath as the only other time I have visited a doctor at this surgery, he was worse than useless!

Yes, I know, I’m feeling sorry for myself and should snap out of it. I’ll allow myself this one whinge and no more. The weather doesn’t help as it never really got light here at all today. We started with thick fog and progressed to heavy rain and now it’s getting dark.

At least Bonny is happy – in fact happier than she has ever been. The experience of being treated like a dog rather than a baby has done her the world of good, as well as now being very firmly second in our pecking order of two. She behaves on all her walks and not just behaves but actively listens to whoever is walking her and is playful and content. She does whatever I ask her to and seems to be aware that she has to be careful around me and my leg. She even deliberately put herself between me and a lively dog on our stroll round the park yesterday, for all the world as if she was protecting me! Despite all the pain and frustration involved over the last two months (on Monday) I can say that the broken leg was worth it for the change it has brought about in Bonny.squirrel passing!Keeping an eye open for squirrels


Lynda Alsford said...

i do hope your leg improves soon. So frustrating. We all need to moan and whinge at times. I am sure a good whine helps as long as you don't stay whining! Glad Bonny is being so well behaved! Long may it continue.

Mandy Wright said...

Thanks Lynda. I'm feeling better today - it's amazing what a bit of sun can do!