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Friday, 21 March 2014

Hopwas to Alvecote

I’m glad I took another day before moving as my poor sore ankle got a bit fat…19 poorly ankle


But it got much better so this morning I took Bonny for an early walk and then made the most of the sunny morning by setting off by 8am.

We had a lovely but uneventful cruise through Tamworth to Alvecote, where we found a brilliant mooring near the ruins of an old priory and close to Alvecote Marina which is known for its collection of working boats. There used to be mines here but they are now nature reserves and Bonny and I were delighted to find some beautiful walks. We are close to the M42 here, but you would never know it as any noise is muffled by all the trees.

Tomorrow I will work a bit harder as a few miles ahead lies the 11 lock Atherstone flight. Thank goodness I have practiced sizeable flights quite a bit now and so it holds no fears for me. I just hope I don’t have to do it in the rain!

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Marian and Roger said...

Great to follow your adventures Mandy. Give our love to Atherstone - we lived there for 6 years 1967-1973!!! We revisited it on Don't Panic in summer 2004, getting up at the crack of dawn to ascend Atherstone Locks. Roger & Marian