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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Happy Boater!

I cast my lines off this morning which is about all the preparation I need to do for a holiday, and went cruising. Predictably as soon as I took hold of the tiller, the warm, sunny, settled weather came to an abrupt end and squally rain blew in. Of course I would prefer sun but still I was grinning like a loon as I worked up the locks.

The forecast is for generally windy weather all week so I have changed my plans. Instead of heading for the Shroppie,  which would mean I would hit the many locks of Penkridge on the wettest and windiest day, I have gone down the Coventry. There are less locks until I reach Atherstone which is helpful when the wind blows the boat around, making getting in and off lock landings hard work. The added bonus is Bonny and I get to moor at one of our favourite places… the woods at Hopwas.
It took us three and a half hours to get here and we arrived windblown and drippy but very happy. I am planning to stay here till Friday as Thursday is supposed to be wet and windy.

Photos to follow but to give a flavour, if I look out of my windows to port (left) there is a long field stretching to a railway line and a line of trees beyond that. To starboard there are the woods covering one of the only hills in the area, not a plantation either but a proper British wood …bliss. Squirrel hunting to follow when both of us are rested up.

It is so lovely to be away. I am so fortunate to have friends who actually want to spend time with me and work mates who are fun to be around but my soul craves solitude and it has been too long since my last retreat. Two weeks of this will sort me out a treat and that is just as well as the wedding season to come means that work will be full on till September.

When it stops raining I'll be out with my camera and share a photo or two.

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Nev Wells said...

We often overlook the Coventry to the Junction, but there are some great moorings and some excellent scenery. We have never walked the woods, just make sure the red flags are not flying - if they ever do?

The Tame Otter is also a favourite pub.

We have had some good moorings up the Birmingham & Fazely canal winding before the locks, plenty of lock free miles of cruising, not at all envious !!