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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Cruise Approaching

Sorry about the silence. Partly it has been that the working season has started up again and so I have less free time. Partly it is because I have a new toy – a Google Nexus 7 tablet which now doubles as my dongle and is fantastic fun to play with. As a result I have not been using my laptop and rather forgot about the blog!! The downside of using the tablet as a dongle is that for some reason it won’t let Internet Explorer work on my laptop so I can’t access my emails or any of the internet except for this which is a bit odd.

Anyway, enough computer stuff, there is a two week window in an otherwise pretty packed wedding season and I am grabbing it with both hands as I haven’t had a lone cruise in far too long! I am hoping to return to the Shropshire Union Canal as I loved it last time I was there and perhaps this time it won’t be raining every single day! I start on the 18th of this month.

Talking about rain, several people have asked how we coped through the wettest winter in a zillion years. Well, being on a boat was the answer. Because our canal water level is controlled by locks and by-washes, we had no problem at all; not the same for the poor boaters moored on a river! My only bugbear was the level of mud on every path and having to wash Bonny every time she stepped outside the boat. The upside for us was the mild temperatures. I got pumped out, dieseled up and watered right through the winter without once being iced in. Our hearts went out to all the poor folk living in flooded houses though.

So I shall next write when cruising as I might finally have something to say!

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