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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Return to Devon

I haven't posted anything recently as I have been engaged in boring activities such as job hunting and cleaning, but this week I'm taking a break from the mundane and yesterday I drove to Devon. I am staying with Roger and Shirleyann, the same wonderful friends who looked after me when I was laid up with my broken limb.

It is very strange and wonderful being back here with two working legs. I can walk up the stairs rather than bumping up and down on my bottom. I can take Bonny out for walks myself rather than relying on others and I don't have to be waited on! Best of all I can have a bath!! I was here for six weeks and couldn't use the bath because of my cast. Only another boater or anyone living with only a shower will know the frustration of that!

Bonny has settled down as if she has never been away, although she is keeping a nervous eye on Maisie the cat, who is set on letting Bonny know whose house this is and has cuffed her across the ear at least three times since we arrived yesterday afternoon!

I am visiting friends in Halwill this afternoon and have a skittles evening lined up later on in the week, despite the fact that I haven't touched a ball in over four years and will be playing in a cup match! It's lovely to be back.


Nev Wells said...

It's good you will be able to enjoy Devon to its fullest. We will hopefully be aboard this weekend, long overdue, so will keep an eye on DP for you,

Have a good time

Nev & Rachel

Lynda Alsford said...

Enjoy your break. I think you deserve it!

Mandy Wright said...

Thanks Neville, you are the perfect neighbour!
Thanks Lynda - although I have done absolutely nothing to deserve my lovely life!!