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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Bonny in Devon Heaven

Here is a few pictures and comments on our trip to Devon from Bonny’s diary…

It is lovely and sunny here for a change. I am enjoying chasing anything that moves, playing carefully with Maisie the cat and having walks off the lead. Sometimes I get a bit carried away and then my mum gets a bit anxious and I have to be restrained, but mostly I am being brilliantly behaved. I like holidays and I better make the most of this one as it looks like mum might just have the sniff of a job when we return.

On top of the world
At the beach, or rather above it – exhausting business climbing cliffs.

steep path!
Onwards and upwards - or perhaps not. I'm not used to heights!

bon on top
Bonny on top of the world!

tiny dog big woods
You can feel very small sometimes!

Pearl and Bonny exploring
Bonny with her new best friend – Pearl. Behaving beautifully in the woods, off the lead.

Pearl and Bonny
Relaxing after our walk with mum.

1 comment:

Lynda Alsford said...

Lovely photos from your diary, Bonny. I am glad you are mostly behaving for your mum. Also really glad there is the sniff of a job for her. I need one of those too so I know how important they are!