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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Single handed boaters

I had a comment posted by Kath, another lone boater and she is planning to cruise from the Fossdike to Skipton - respect! It would be lovely to hear from any other lone boaters who are cruising on a regular basis. It would be interesting to hear any tips / disasters / great days etc.

Meanwhile - good luck Kath, I haven't even had the courage to tackle a broad lock on my own yet!


nb.bobcat said...

For any hints tips and disasters see my blog nb.bobcat. I don't blog very often only when something of interest happens so any/all disasters are on there!

Broad locks pah try the humongous ones on the Trent (although usually they have lockkeepers on!)

Go on have a trip down past Willington and try the one there - go through with another boat first - you can then wind before the next one (they prefer you to use a rope on the bows) and come back up it again. Make that your summer challenge. You know you want to.

nb Rea said...


Happy to see there are a few single handed female boaters around. There's a sense of achievement when you get it right and nobody to see when you get it wrong. I'm a bit of a wimp, stay put when it's windy, try and travel through double locks with another boat, bribe potential crew with bacon butties and beer etc but know I can do it when necessary.

mom la said...

Hi. I've heard there is a Facebook page for ladies who are narrowboating single -handed. Anyone know the name. I cannot find it under Tiller girls