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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Trip to Lymington

I haven't posted anything recently as life has been pretty quiet while I have continued to mend. The mooring is still lovely and I haven't yet started to job hunt. To be honest I'm struggling to get motivated to find work as I am having such a lovely time, but my money isn't going to last forever so I really need to get on with it.

Before that though I decided my leg was mended enough to take a first long drive, to visit my stepmother in the New Forest. I hadn't seen her in over a year, having missed both a family wedding and Christmas due to the leg. I went down on Tuesday, taking a relaxed 4 hours with a couple of Bonny stops en route. I managed fine, although my leg has been pretty sore since then. But I think that is down to the walks we have been having. Lymington and the surrounding area is so beautiful we just had to explore. Here are photos taken on our morning walk on the sea wall...

This is the sea wall between Lymington and the Solent. Since there is water both sides, it was safe to let Bonny off the lead!

The Isle of Wight is there but hidden in the mist. The geese flew overhead making a racket and scaring Bon

This is Lymington Yacht Haven - full of plastic boats - the type we look down on as narrow boaters!

We will be returning to normal life shortly and then I want to take the boat out for my first solo trip since my accident. It's over 5 months since I broke my leg and it is time to 'get back on the horse'. Eventually I'd like to take a cruise up to Froghall on the Caldon Canal. Stan took me there recently by car and it was absolutely beautiful with the lowest tunnel roof I have ever seen!


Nev Wells said...


It's good you are getting confident of the leg to plan a cruise, and the Caldon is one of our favourite canals. We may get over to Percy on Saturday as we have to be at Great Haywood.

Take care

Neville & Rachel

Marian and Roger said...

Good to see you're back on the blog! Good too that the leg is now strengthening so well. Don't Panic visited Froghall with us and we really enjoyed the Caldon - highly recommended! Very best of luck with the job hunting when you get to it. Marian and Roger.

PS Up to our necks in music-making so no time for more DP stories but we'll try to do one later in year.