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Monday, 22 October 2012

Great people - again!

There has been a flurry of activity since my last post. Neville, my hugely helpful neighbour on the mooring wrote to inform me that the plan to pump out on my return is doomed to failure thanks to a double lock stoppage, which basically means that we will not be able to move in either direction between the 5th and 23rd November. He went on to offer to help move the boat before my return and get it pumped out and dieseled. Then Graham and Jan joined in and between them have basically told me not to worry - my boat will be sorted out before the stoppages. How kind is that?

I then contacted the moorings officer to see if they can leave the boat on visitors moorings for my return. She was very sympathetic about the accident and wants to visit me when I'm back. She has contacted the enforcement officer to see if it's ok for me to overstay on visitors. I know lots of people just do it without asking but I wouldn't be happy doing that. I suspect that the answer will be if there is room I can, if not then I'll have to manage on our mooring. My main concern with that is crossing the lock on crutches and managing the slope down to the gate. Normally there probably would be room on visitors in November but there is every possibility that, due to the stoppages planned, any boat that wants to moor for free for three weeks will be heading for Fradley Junction! Ah well, what will be will be.

I am amazed yet again though by the instant generosity of people and want to publicly thank Neville, Graham and Jan for being such excellent neighbours!

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