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Saturday, 6 October 2012


Sorry about the lack of communication recently but I have a really good excuse – I’ve been in hospital for the last 5 days!

I had been out at Hopwas as you know and returned on Monday with no problems. I got to my home mooring and was just pulling the boat in with the centre rope when I slipped, heard a crack, looked down and saw my foot was facing the wrong way and dangling in a really weird way. I sat down rather quickly and got my boot off before the pain started. There I was with the rope in one hand, my leg in the other, Bonny stuck on the boat roof and me shouting ‘help, help’ and praying for someone to come along.

Fortunately, my mate Julie did, closely followed by my friend Jan and between them they got an ambulance and sorted Bonny out. I won’t go into the rather funny story of the arrival of the paramedics on this occasion but suffice to say they quickly worked out a helicopter was required to extract me. Oh honourable mention goes to Henry from the mooring as well as he stood in the rain for ages in case they needed help. Thank you all who helped very much.

So off in a helicopter to the Royal Derby Hospital. Normally I would have loved my first ride in a chopper but on this occasion I was terrified – strapped down on a stretcher without being able to see what’s happening really made me feel helpless. Coupled with that was the fact that I had watched the Towering Inferno the day before where the helicopter had crashed and burst into flames!

I’ll write about what happened next later – need a bit of a rest now.


Lynda Alsford said...

Oh my goodness! Poor you. How terrifying. I do hope your ankle is gradually getting better and that you are not in too much pain.

I hope you are coping with life afloat with a broken ankle. Thinking of you.

Mike, Mags, Poppy and Abbey said...

Sorry to read about your accident. I was with a friend out walking in the countryside some years ago and the same thing happened. For no apparent reason, no slip or fall - it just went with a loud click neither of us realised what had happened.

It takes a while to get back to tip top fitness but it will come. Take your time and take care.

Get well soon.

Mick n Mags.