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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Loving this cruise!

Yes Autumn has arrived and yes I have got wet and the boat has been blown about a bit and yes it’s a bit chilly, but I love this cruise!!

We are currently moored in the most beautiful spot near Knighton Woods, on the way to Market Drayton. There are fantastic walks in every direction and so far I have had the mooring to myself. We arrived yesterday afternoon and as we did, the sun came out (after a very wet and windy morning). This is what it looked like…

27 peace at last

In front of us

26 best bridge pic

Behind us (the best bridge pic I think I’ve taken)

21 view one side mooring

And beside us. Not bad eh? The forecast isn’t great for the next couple of days so we are staying put and will explore the area. This morning we were walking in the woods at around 7.45am in the rain, when I came across a man sitting in a truck. The headlines immediately flashed through my head… “Decomposed bodies of woman and dog found in Knighton Woods”. “She should never have been out walking alone”, a spokesman said.

We walked on up the track and after a few minutes heard the truck approaching from behind. My heart picked up pace but all was well. It was only the local gamekeeper tending to his pheasants. He helpfully pointed out the right footpath to take and went on his way. Phew!

Back on the boat, and brewed a cuppa. I listened and the loudest noise I could hear was the wing flaps of a passing magpie. No road noise, no voices, perfect peace. Bliss.

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Gwen Huang said...


Sorry to bother you. My name is Gwen and I am a student in University of Nottingham, doing architecture. Currently we are doing projects about Cheshire Ring canals and my theme is people whose life is connected to the canals. I have read your blog and found it very interesting, so was wondering if it is possible that you could chat with me a little bit about your life and your thoughts around the boat and canals.

My email address is laysh8@nottingham.ac.uk. I would be really grateful if I can get any reply.

Have a nice day! :)