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Friday, 24 October 2014

Home Safe

We got back to our mooring just before the ex hurricane struck! I was glad to be back in one piece, but at the same time, sorry that it was over.

After Chillington we stopped at Tixall Wide again, here is a picture of the

gatehouse there…68 Tixall Gatehouse

Then we stopped again at Wolseley Bridge. It was a beautiful spot in the trees, right by the river (Trent), and popular, as soon after I tied up, a chap in camouflage gear, a bike and a dog came and sat on a log near the boat and didn’t leave for 6 hours! I decided that, instead of being anxious about him, I would introduce myself instead. I ended up giving him a whisky and listening to his views on astral orbs and the dangers of TV aerials. It takes all sorts!

70 mooring Wolseley This was the mooring site and just to the right of this tree was his log and the Trent

74 bon in Trent

The next day, the wind really started to blow and I hauled on my tiller all the way to Kings Bromley. I really had to fill up with diesel and empty my poo tank and the only way of doing that is to turn 360 and reverse onto the marina dock. Doing that manoeuvre in a gale is frankly terrifying, but I was proud that I managed it. The diesel man said he gave me 9 out of 10. he said he couldn’t give me 10 as I was a woman!!!

So we are back and in a few days, back to work. But I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to cruise again, on my own and to have managed it all safely.

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