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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

sensible madness?

Having a few days out cruising was a bit like giving just a tea spoon full of food to a starving person - it just reminds them how hungry they are!

So I mulled over my options and looked at how much work was going to be on offer in October. It turns out there is not much at all as there are very few events booked. So I asked my bosses if I could disappear for the month and they said yes!!

Deepest joy I can go for a proper cruise. Yes I'll be even poorer than a church mouse, but for a month I'll be free! The Shropshire Union Canal is calling to me, but I haven't made a final decision yet. I have a holiday booked in Devon first, with Stan, while my friends Roger and Shirleyann take my boat out. They are almost certainly going to my other favourite canal - the Macclesfield, so give them a wave if you see them.

For me, it is more important to grab life now than to save up for a secure future, because who knows how long I will live. Mind you I may regret it when I run out of money, but, hey ho, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.


Nev Wells said...

Have you thought about picking the boat up while your friemds are out on it....give you both an option for a different route ? Nev

Mandy Wright said...

We have Nev but decided to stick to plan A

Mandy Wright said...

We have Nev but decided to stick to plan A

Lisa said...

You are right Mandy. Go for it now before you get on your zimmer. Lots more memories to recall then. Eat bans on toast with cheese on the top for the month. Food of the gods.
NB What a Lark
Ps we are on the Staffs to Worcester so will look out for you again

Mandy Wright said...

It would be lovely to see you again Lisa

Mandy Wright said...

Google has locked me out of my own blog! Hence no posts. Working on it