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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

mini cruise opportunity

I am not needed at work next week which may not be good news for my pocket but it's excellent news for a cruise hungry pair of boaters ( Bonny and I). So next Monday (or Tuesday depending on work) we are setting sail (figuratively) down the Coventry Canal. Our first stop will be Hopwas. The last time Bonny and I were there was September 2012, when we had some fantastic walks in the woods but it was on our return from that trip on 1st October. that I broke my leg, so it will be good to return this time in one piece - hopefully!

If I am feeling energetic I will cruise longer days and go up the Ashby Canal - famous for skirting the field where the Battle of Bosworth took place. If I don't feel that fit I shall visit the bottom of the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal where there is a large water park that I have not visited yet. I heard this canal has suffered a breach so I shall have to check that it is navigable. I don't really mind where I go; just being out is fantastic.

I am still enjoying work, although the hours aren't quite enough to keep the wolf from the door so I may have to look for an additional few hours somewhere. When not working or doing all the chores of a boating life, I go out exploring with Stan. A couple of weeks ago we had a picnic on top of Cannock Chase with his two dogs Bess and Sam and Bonny. I was going to post a picture of us all but for some reason I can't at present - the mysteries of computing, all very easy until it's not!

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