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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

cruise reminder

I know it has been a ridiculously long time since I updated this blog, but without cruising I find I have a lot less to say! Yesterday I thought I would tottle up to Kings Bromley and hide from the sun in the woods, before popping into the marina to pump out and diesel up. The first part of the plan worked a treat. I started up the flight at around 7.30 and had it all to myself. I arrived in a lovely shady spot to moor within 2 hours and spent the rest of the increasingly hot day on my lounger under the trees. Bonny had the day off her lead and was very well behaved.

By evening the temperature had risen to 30 degrees (or for us oldies, around 90f) and the humidity was very high. I struggle a bit in hot weather anyway and these last couple of weeks having been rather trying - especially at night when the temperature in my cabin has reached 100f. So I went to bed with every window and hatch open, only to be woken abruptly at 5.30 with the rain hammering down. Cue leaping around my boat in the altogether shutting everything up and mopping up rainwater.

I went back to bed but once the thunder and lightning started I had no chance to sleep, as Bonny let me know in no uncertain terms that she doesn't enjoy storms. It has rained non stop since then (writing this at 10.30). Bon and I have been out briefly but I am not planning to visit the marina until it calms down a bit. Sitting here with the towpath turning into a river and the only boats going past being hire boats brings back fond memories of last year's cruise. I spent many a happy day watching the rain and waiting in vain for summer. This year we have actually had a taste of summer and I didn't much like it. Hard to please or what?

I will need to return tomorrow as I'm at work on Thursday so I rather hope it dries up a little. Meanwhile I'll leave you with a picture of the field I am moored by - taken before the deluge...

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Marian and Roger said...

Nice to see you back on your blog, Mandy. Glad all is going well. It has even been roastingly hot in Cumbria! M&R