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Friday, 27 July 2012

Walking Paradise

OK, I take it all back. It was worth all the hard work and hanging off my ropes and struggling with locks and lift bridges just to make it to this spot – the same spot that we were at yesterday and the day before! In fact it is the longest we have stayed anywhere except when we were pinned down by monsoons.
I hesitate to be exact about where we are mooring in case everybody decides to come here! But since I am trying to reduce my selfishness, I will say that we are moored just south of bridge 13 on the Maccy, between two lines of long term moorers but with enough space so that I can run my engine when I need to without disturbing anyone.
We did the most tremendous walk this morning, requiring many references to the OS map, but that just added to the excitement. It was a circular walk that had everything – river, moorland, woodland, crossing a railway line, hills and valleys. Oh and Lyme Park which is the most extraordinary castle like house sitting in magnificent isolation on the top of the peak.
Here are the highlights… (We are off to the Peak Forest tomorrow)
The Ladybrook Valley and start of our trek

This is the bridge over a watering hole that Bonny much enjoyed

And this is her enjoying it!

I found this 'doer upper' in the valley. I'd have it!

And if you like a bit of space around your mansion...

...How about Lyme Park!?

1 comment:

Lynda Alsford said...

I'm glad you have found a lovely spot to moor in. I was a little concerned for you fighting all those locks and stuff on your own, with your badly bruised leg!

I would miss my home comforts too much. 6 days under canvas at New Wine was enough for me for a week. Give me my brick walls, water on tap, proper flushing loo and electric kettle any time!! What a wuss I am!