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Thursday, 26 July 2012

A bit harsh…

OK, I admit it, I was a little harsh in my judgement of the Macclesfield Canal. Yesterday I at last found a little slice of Heaven on this ‘silty little ditch’.

I am moored near High Lane, south of Marple and the junction with the Peak Forest canal. I had intended to carry on, but spotted a place to stop for lunch and so took it. It is a very quiet spot, away from the road and railway. I am in between two sections of long term mooring, but in this little gap, there are no other boats. These are the views out of both sides of my boat…

high lane viewhigh lane view other side

And this is my only neighbour…

great heron

What really sold the mooring to me though were the walks. From a footbridge just up the way, we can climb up onto the moors or down into a wood. From the other side we can get onto the Middlewood Way which is a fantastic walk using a disused railway line. And of course there are towpath walks too.

I have been looking for a place to stop for a few days and recoup and I had despaired of finding anywhere on the Maccy. I was wrong! Sorry to the Macclesfield Canal and to all who sail in her!

Photos of our walks to follow. Oh and I was about to write that we have had 4 dry days in a row but it has just started drizzling! Never mind, an excuse to veg.

1 comment:

Marian and Roger said...

We can see where you are moored on an OS map - it does look a nice spot. The silting and undergrowth on the Maccy sounds a bit worse than when we did it (2004) but it did have similar problems even then in some places. We forgave it because of the scenery.

Do hope you enjoy the Peak Forest!