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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New Roof

I have been unusually busy recently, hence no posts. Then I remembered I hadn’t posted any photos of my lovely new roof, so here we are…

new flag This was the way it looked before – this photo doesn’t do justice to the rust marks and stains from the chimney, (carbon liquid leaks from under the chimney when I have a wood fire and makes a dreadful mess. I have a better chimney now and that has cut down the leaking a lot).

newly painted roof I could never work out why the previous owners had painted the roof a grey / blue colour when it didn’t go with the rest of the boat. So I have chosen cream which echoes the coach stripe on the side. Being light, it also reflects the sun which keeps the boat cooler in summer. Sand has been used to make it non slip, much to Bonny’s initial disgust as she didn’t like how it felt under her oh so sensitive paws.

painted hatch This is my newly painted hatch. I wasn’t sure I wanted the red, but it nicely matches the red tunnel band on the stern. (Narrowboats have horizontal bands of red and cream or similar around the stern so that if you see one looming out of the dark of a tunnel you can tell if it’s coming towards you or travelling away.)

happy buddahBonny has this happy Buddah as a new companion on the roof! I love his laid back posture and happy smile!


Lynda Alsford said...

It looks fantastic. I love the laughing Buddha!

Becky Steele said...

What a beautiful boat you have! You have a good taste in matching colors. In fact, the red, blue and crème blend surprisingly nicely. The laid-back Buddha is definitely the star. :)
{Becky Steele}