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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Some photos to set the scene

Bonny's 1st cruise 001

This is my crew member Bonny Lass. This was taken when she was around a year old – she is two now. She has ridden on the roof of my boat since she was 12 weeks old and she loves it. We don’t use the life jacket very much any more as she has never yet fallen in off the roof and she can swim. Her favourite position is right up at the front, by the cratch. I think she believes that she is deciding where the boat is going and I’m just following on behind!


She is very friendly with absolutely everybody and even tries to befriend the swans at our mooring. They hiss horribly at her but she doesn’t take the hint!


This was what our mooring looked like for most of last winter.


view to starboard spring

And this is our view in the summer.

mary and Fradley 010

Lastly, this is me with my best friend!


Lynda said...

Love the one of Bonny! She looked so cute in her life jacket, its almost a shame she doesn't need it anymore! It looks so lovely in winter but i know I woudn't cope with winter on a narrow boat!

Anonymous said...

Oh so cute - lovely pics