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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Pictures sorted

I have finally sorted out my photography issues and wanted to show off my two new purchases…

titch 1   Isn’t she pretty? I call her Titch. I titch's backsidehad to take a picture of her face as she definitely has one – hence the eyebrows! She is a bit of a 60’s throwback and I love her. Yes, she only has a 1 litre engine but the upside is that she does 63 mpg and costs only £20 a year to tax. Oh, she is a Peugeot 107 by the way.titch's face

solar panel

If Titch saves me in tax and petrol, this beauty saves me diesel. This is my new solar panel and so far it has more than cut my diesel costs in half! Instead of running my engine for between 2 and 3 hours every day to charge my batteries sufficiently for all my energy needs, I am now running it between 1 and 1.5 hours. At this rate I will have paid for the panel and controller and fitting in just over one year. Obviously there are less daylight hours in winter but on the plus side they won’t be much shade from the trees and also the light is clearer in winter – something to do with less dust in the air, so more power to the panel.

The only downside, as you can tell from the picture, is that since I got it, we have hardly had a sunny day so I have yet to see it operating at its best!

1 comment:

Lynda said...

I love Titch. She is glorious!! I Love her face. So pleased for you. Great news that the solar panel is working as it should.
Looks like you made good purchase decisions !!