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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

My Mooring in the Spring

I thought I would post some photos to show what a pretty place I live in.

nicely cut mooring!

This is my mooring with a garden that looks huge! I love it.

storm 3

This is the view from my boat at present. Unfortunately Bonny ran away into the rape field and when she came out four hours later, the rape had irritated her eyes so much that she had rubbed all the hair off under both eyes! I tried to feel sorry for her and failed!


These are the anemones I planted and that flowered from February till just recently – good value!

1 comment:

Nev Wells said...

Hi Mandy,

I never realised we had such a profile behind us. They are great photos. Good job you did not take a photo of my grass.... two weeks away and I bet it is a jungle again ? Have you read my blog.... I will certainly be able to keep the grass down from July.

Take care