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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Bonny and Maisie

With the risk that this is turning into an animal blog rather than a boaty type one, I thought I’d show you a few photos of Bonny and Maisie getting on:
Bon and Maisie 002
They started off with a bit of a gap between them.
Bon and Maisie 005
Getting closer!
Bon and Maisie 001
This one is Maisie playing with Bonny’s ball and chain. This is something I made up myself to help Bonny not run off but still be free to mooch about. It is the long lead from an old retractable lead, attached to a large ball with throwing loop attached. As long as she is dragging this around, she doesn’t run away, even though it’s not tethered to anything. I really should patent it!
The only problem here is that every time Bonny moves, Maisie jumps on the string and holds onto it, jerking Bonny to a halt. Her confused face is a delight!
Bon and Maisie 006
They both compete for my lap as soon as I sit down – which is lovely as Bonny has never shown very much interest in having a cuddle before!

1 comment:

Lynda Alsford said...

Ahhh lovely photos. It's lovely that they get on!

I might have to part company with my cat when I move as I have nowhere for him to go. Really hoping I don't have to take him back to the RSPCA. :-(