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Friday, 15 June 2012

Pictures So Far

I thought I’d use some of my precious data allowance to show you a few of the places we have visited so far. Neville, my neighbour at Fradley, suggested I found a free wi-fi hot spot and used their data instead. A good idea that I will keep in mind, however no hot spots so far in the back of beyond where I have been spending most of my time!

shug hall
This is Shugborough Hall where Bonny had her day out!

This is where I was forced to a halt in Penkridge through utter exhaustion! Note the blue sky – a very rare sight on this cruise so far.

Gnosall was a welcome stop as there are shops really close to the canal and a water point too. I’m quite pleased with this picture.

wharf at norbury
And here we are up to date at the wharf at Norbury Junction. I have just got my first lot of laundry done here so very happy – and clean. Pouring with rain of course, but what’s new!

Lastly, if I had a mind to move back into a house, this would be my ideal, seen near Norbury on one of our mammoth walks…
cottage at Norbury


Lynda Alsford said...

Lovely photos. The bridge in Gnosall looks lovely. And I can see why that house would be your ideal one. Very pretty. Hope the weather isn't too bad where you are. Its raining again down here.

Mandy Wright said...

Raining? It's like monsoon season here! Not only rain, but windy too. It is supposed to improve for at least part of next week. I'm keeping everything crossed!