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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Freedom at last!

I finally finish work at the shop tomorrow (Thursday 31st May). After three years of living on my boat and only being able to take her out for 2 weeks here and there, at last I am free to cruise. I have been so excited and anxious that I have suffered from an acid tummy for the last couple of weeks. Anxious because I am terrified that something will happen at the last minute to prevent me going. I really should have more faith in the path that I am on!

I have had a few last minute hiccups like engine trouble, falling out with a neighbour (a horrible bully of a man) and lastly my work not including my holiday pay in my final salary. Since they have wriggled out of paying redundancy (long and boring story) I am going to make sure I at least get paid for not taking any holiday this year.

Other than that I am all set. I have a last minute shop to do but then on Friday I’ll cruise to Kings Bromley to get diesel and pump out the loo and then I’ll be properly free!

I hope to keep a cruise diary and to keep up my blog as I journey. However I will be limited to the amount of data I can use with my mobile broadband so I won’t be able to post many photos. I may also have reception issues so we will see. If I go silent it doesn’t necessarily mean that I have died!


Lynda Alsford said...

I've been thinking of you today as I thought tomorrow as the day! I hope all the last minute things are sorted and you can be off on your road (or canal) to freedom at last!!

Have a great time. I'd love to hear how you have been getting on via your blog. Really intrigued as to how it goes.

Nev Wells said...


Don't forget free wifi in pubs and cafes good way of getting photos up on the blog foc.

Nev NB Waterlily